Protein bars in self-experiment - I just couldn't...

You want to buy protein bars for bodybuilding and athletic events because they will last longer than a protein shake or bar of pure whey. I don't want to tell you which bars are best for each sport and athlete, but I will tell you which ones I think are the best. The best protein bars are the ones that are labeled as "complete protein," which means all the essential amino acids are included and there is no need for any filler ingredients. These bars are also low in fat and sodium. If you have been reading the previous two articles, you know that protein powders have different ingredients. I have included a list of protein powders that I have tried and rate. They range from low cost to high cost. The cheapest protein powder I have tried was the Complete Muscle. The price was very reasonable at just under $2 for 100 grams. It has a good reputation and has been tried by many people. However, if you want the most complete protein, the Whey Protein is the best. I have been using this protein for several months, and am very happy with it. One of my favorite protein powders is Barbell Whey.

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