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In the beginning of this series, I am going to review several products. After I have tested all of them, I will do a "best of" review. This is also the reason that I am using different names on these reviews. I've reviewed the products in this series from best to worst. As you can see, most of the products I've reviewed are all different forms of the same product, but one does not necessarily work well against warts. I have to use the product on my own to see how well it works for me. But, I am giving the product a rating because I know I will get several positive comments about it. As for the products I have not reviewed, I have no doubt that some of them will work well against warts. But, I have reviewed those for warts that are similar or different than those I have listed. And, I think you can probably guess which ones I haven't.

So, I've had some time to look around and review various warts treatments. This isn't a comprehensive guide, but it is the best place I've found for warts treatments for general use. The following is the best I could find.

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